I’ve seen a lot of people feeling badly for worrying about their own problems during this crisis.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for worrying about the things that are going on in your life. The sad fact is that most of us can’t do a whole lot about what’s happening in Libya and other places, and no matter how much time  we spend feeling badly about what is happening, life will continue to happen around us. The compassion you are feeling is great, but even if the entire world were to break out into war, there would still be parts of the world where life goes on as usual and we have to keep dealing with the everyday. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you’re worried about a final exam or the fight that you just had with your significant other. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for being happy either. Because that’s what the Libyan people are fighting for. The right to find happiness and live their lives freely. So if someone makes a joke, and you laugh, don’t feel badly. If you’re sitting at your desk and suddenly you are struck with the inspiration to make a beautiful Glee graphic, make it and post it. 

And don’t make others feel guilty for going about their lives as they normally do. You don’t know the stress they have in their lives or if they’re doing what they can for Libya in their own way.

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    Thank you.
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    "Just because you don’t have it as bad as somebody else, doesn’t change the fact that you have what you have."
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    …this makes me feel a little better. But I still feel stabbing guilt. Which I guess is normal. Idk
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    "Because that’s what the Libyan people are fighting for. The right to find happiness and live their lives freely."
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    I’m glad someone posted this because ‘guilt’ is my middle name. I felt guilty for not reblogging anything (and by...
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    I tell people this all the time, even when things like Libya aren’t going on. Your problems are important to you, and I...
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    I wouldn’t ask anyone to forget or ignore their own problems. Only to acknowledge what is happening to their fellow...
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    This honestly made me feel a bit better.
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